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At 24/7 Key Solutions we cut all types of side cut and laser type car keys. We can cut keys fast for you on-site... keep in mind the majority of garages do not have key cutting machinery available, which means they have to order keys in from their factory or head office. We can easily fix broken keys using the snapped pieces as a template, then just swap over the chip for you..

Having said that, there are a number of car dealers who still use the side cut key. This type can easily get worn over time. We can also change a complete lock for you, and reprogram new keys.

       Damage less car entry from £65                   Keys cut on your doorstep

Reasons for a second key

There are more than 2 million second hand cars being sold each year, and only a small percentage will be sold with a spare key. It is estimated that around 40% of motorists in the UK do not have a spare car key.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a second key...

1. COST EFFECTIVE. It's always cheaper to purchase a second key if you have a spare

2. PEACE OF MIND - You can always rest assured if you lose your key you have a spare to use.

3. EASIER FOR 2 PEOPLE - It's always easier if your share a car to have separate keys.

4. SNAPPED KEY SUBSTITUTE - Car keys are prone to snapping or breaking. Having a second key will substitute the broken.

5. VEHICLE SECURITY . If by any chance your keys gets stolen a thief can probably get to your car before an auto locksmith but if you have a spare you can at least put your car somewhere safe.

Also if you only have one key this means there's at least one more out there for your car . So why not let us come delete that key and make you a spare!!!

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